Paul came away from Donington with the 2016 Renault Clio Cup Championship lead after taking a 3rd place and then a Win after Ant Wharton-Eales was penalised.

During the first race Paul was able to run  in the lead but after a good move from Whorton-Eales he was shuflfed down to third place to take his 99th Clio Cup podium. After the race Paul said – “I led it for quite some way and really wanted that one but Ant did pull a good move on me to his credit. Then I had Coates right up alongside me through the Craner Curves – no way was he having that. I want to end today with 100 podiums.”

Donington Podium

In the 2nd race Paul and his team mate Charlie Laddel came in 2nd and 3rd after trailing Whorton-Eales. After the race Paul was promoted to 1st place after a technical infringement saw Whoton-Eales stripped of the win. It also meant Paul has now scored 100 podiums in the Renault Clio Cup.