Paul Rivett


Paul Rivett race driver tuition is run by Paul to offer drivers of all abilities the opportunity to learn from Paul’s wide ranging experience in racing and setting up race cars.

Paul offers driver coaching to any driver from a track day enthusiast to a Professional race driver.

If you are interested in having Paul coach you please use the contact form to drop Paul an email.


Client Feedback

‘Having reached a plateau and got stuck I felt I needed a decent coach to help me improve. A friend in the motorsport industry recommended Paul to me. Paul’s record in Clio’s is unrivalled so I was keen to give Paul a call.

After 2 sessions, in addition to gaining a massive amount of confidence, I now understand much more clearly what it takes to go faster and therefore the key things I need to do to get better.

Paul doesn’t simply tell you what to do. He makes you think hard and work it out for yourself; carefully guiding you to the answers rather than simply giving you them. With this style you remember what’s been taught much better. So when you get out on the track you don’t forget it.

And more importantly, he keeps it very simple and focussed on the most important aspects. In this way it’s much easier to understand what you are doing right and what you need to work on.

All new steps are taken in a safe way – walking away with a massive rebuild bill isn’t much fun, but carrying more speed than your rivals is!! He gives the tools to help you explore the limits without stepping so far over it gets expensive to fix!!

And in the Clio, Paul has helped me understand how to get way more out of it than I could ever have done on my own.

Finally, Paul emphasises that we are doing this for fun. And he approaches the whole thing with a great sense of humour, meaning each session is a good laugh as well as a valuable learning experience.

Thoroughly recommended,

Stewart Calder