Paul Rivett secured his best result of the Fun Cup season so far in the championship’s eight-hour ‘into the night’ race at Anglesey.

For Rivett and his RAW Motorsports team-mate Alex MacLeod, the race was a tough challenge as they split the driving of the modified Volkswagen Beetle car between the two of them, while the majority of the other teams had three or even four drivers.

Despite this disadvantage, Rivett and MacLeod had their strongest race to date, eventually finishing eighth – although a few little issues did hamper their progress.

“Alex had a small off and broke the splitter in the first stint and we had a sticking throttle cable,” Rivett explained. “Then I had to do a double stint as Alex had a little wardrobe malfunction with his race suit!

“I had some great battles, including with the leaders – I didn’t realise it was the leaders and I was just racing everyone I came across!”

Rivett also got to experience competing at night for the first time in many years and thoroughly enjoyed the race.

“I’d forgotten about driving at night, how it’s exactly the same and completely different!” he said. “All of your reference points change and you’ve got to get used to driving in a new mode. There was a whole lot of new things to contend with, which is always good fun. 

“The goal is to get better and better all the time and the results show that, so it’s onwards and upwards.”

For the next Fun Cup round at Silverstone in September, Rivett will be joined by MacLeod’s brother – Radical racer John – and is looking to achieve another strong result.

Before that, Rivett’s next outing will be back in the British Truck Racing Championship at Snetterton on September 7-8.